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Mastery of Self Course...Coming Soon

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Soul Mates and the Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love are connections that are made in heaven but must be grounded on earth.


Serena Jade has 30 years' of experience, studies, travels, and observations under her belt. She guides you by bringing insight, and clarity to your unique spiritual connections. 

Come and work with Serena as she guides you towards aligning with your Soul Mates and or Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love. Just 70.00 US dollars for 2 one- hour sessions. 


Serena Jade directs you to take control and make a plan to Work Out your Body, Know your Whole Mind/Unite the Heart, and Connect with your Soul.

Work with Serena Jade and get your Body, Mind and soul in shape! Just 70.00 US dollars for 2 one- hour sessions!


What is Laughing Yoga?

Laughing yoga is a unique concept is which there are no jokes or humor. It is initiated through an exercise, where one just makes believe they are really laughing. It is scientifically proven the body cannot differentiate between real or fake laughter; therefore the body gets the same benefits. It started in 1995 in Bombay, India by a cardiologist, Dr. Kaitra, and now it has become a worldwide phenomenon.

“A dose of laughter has the power to unwind stress, uplift happiness and enhance the immune system.”- Dr. Mandan Kaitra

Come and Laugh with Serena - Just $5.00 US dollars for 30 min!